You need of a snappy copywriter? Well, this millennial can create some pretty dope content for you! I've been called a word wizard once or twice in my life. I should warn you, 90% of my vocabulary consists of pop culture references. Add some sarcasm and SEO skills into the mix and you have you dream copywriter! Could I BE any more of a 90's kid?

Content Marketing

You own a pretty cool, but empty website? Well, when the apocalypse comes, beep me! Written content is my speaciality, and I can create both articles and posts for you. My prefered topics are travel, lifestyle, non-formal and informal education and skills, youth, media, books, television and movies, however, I am a kick-ass researcher who's always eager to master every topic at hand.

Social Media Management

You are a busy entrepreneur who needs someone to run your social media channels? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - you name it, I know it! I know the difference between what's trendy and what's trending, I know where all the cool kids hang, and I am a naturally curious person always thirsty for more knowledge.

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