Places To Travel To In Croatia In Autumn

We begin to say our goodbyes to Summer as soon as September comes, peacefully awaiting the arrival of Autumn, like a tragedy bound to happen.

In reality, there’s really no reason to feel sorry for ourselves – Autumn, especially September, is a super cool travel season. It’s still warm enough to roam around the cities in cute outfits and pumpkin spice lattes in our hands, and the scenery becomes more colourful, more picturesque and more inviting.

Croatia may be everyone’s favourite Summer vacation destination, however, here are five places you should definitely travel to in Autumn!


Varaždin, Croatian baroque capital, will steal your heart and take your breath away! Only an hour away from Zagreb, Varaždin has the power to enthrall its visitors during every season, however, Autumn ignites the colours of the town in a special kind of way.     

This charismatic town will capture all your senses with its baroque palaces, painted streets, beautiful parks and historical town core. Varaždin’s Old Town, at the same time a fortress, is a famous city symbol. Row of baroque palaces of Croatian and foreign royal families decorates the town’s historical core –  snap a pic and make your Instagram feed look ten times more appealing. A beautiful and graceful avenue of Ivana Kukuljevića Sakcinskog, a colourful boulevard leading up to the main square, will make you feel like you’re a member of the royal family yourself. On your stroll, you will inevitably stumble upon restaurants Palatin and Verglec, where you can try delicious Croatian cuisine, as well as Angelus for more Instagrammable dishes.

Varaždin is a town you can easily spend an entire day in, roaming around and admiring its surroundings – and you should!

Plitvice Lakes

Other than being recognisable for its size and age, Plitvice Lakes are a notoriously famous National Park in Croatia. The park is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage register, which is only an additional confirmation of its significance and allure.

Plitvice Lakes are full of visitors all year round – more than million people stop by annually – however, if you come there during Autumn, you will discover nature in its most beautiful form. It’s hard to believe that the colours the nature adapts before it falls asleep are real, and not something out of a fairytale. The illustrious scenery of Plitvice Lakes will make it hard for you leave the image behind.

If you’re looking for a new profile picture, this is where you can get one you won’t have heart to take down all year long!


By now, Dubrovnik is so famous we can easily use it as a synonym for Croatia. Pearl of Adriatic or King’s Landing is an inevitable travel destination for wanderlusters of all shapes and sizes.

Everyone wants to come to Dubrovnik, and eventually everyone does – during the summer months, the city is more crowded than you can imagine.

I promise you, Dubrovnik is equally beautiful during the Autumn. The UNESCO protected city walls are still walkable, and all the Game of Thrones shooting locations will still look as convincing as they did when you saw them on television – if not more so! Maybe you won’t be able to experience the joy of swimming in the Adriatic sea (no one comes to Dubrovnik for the beaches, anyway), but you will actually be able see all the sights without having to step on your toes and take pictures without thousands of other people standing in your way.

No matter the season, riding to the top of the Srđ hill in a cable car is something you should definitely invest your money into – you will remember that view for the rest of your life.


This picturesque Istrian town is often overshadowed by nearby tourism giants, Rovinj and Pula.

Istrian beaches aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, which is why Dalmatia is a far more popular Summer vacation destination, and that’s fine. However, you can’t say you’ve really experienced Croatia until you had a chance to lose yourself in a labyrinth of narrow streets in a town like Poreč.

Often, when you’re in Istria, you can’t really tell if you’re still in Croatia or if you’ve somehow travelled to the neighbouring Italy. Poreč has preserved its ancient Roman Castrum structure, with both Decumanus and Cardo Maximus preserved in their original forms. Poreč is also a home to Euphrasian Basilica, an admirable example of Byzantine architecture and another Croatian landmark protected by UNESCO.

Poreč will enable you a unique experience of having drinks on top of the Round Tower from the Venetian era in a caffe & cocktail bar Torre Rotonda.

Kopački Rit

Far away from the charms of Dubrovnik and Plitvice Lakes hides Kopački Rit, a beautiful Nature Park of Eastern Croatia.

A special kind of romance revolves around Autumn, kind other seasons simply don’t have, and Kopački Rit isn’t immune to its influence. There’s a wooden trail across many backwaters and ponds of the park, ideal for romantic strolls surrounded by unspoiled nature.

Honestly, Eastern Croatia screams romance – after Kopački Rit, you can drive around the nearby wine roads or try traditional Croatian cuisine in rustic places such as Kormoran or Orlov put.

Buy your tickets, book your accommodation and experience Autumn in Croatia!

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