A Wandering Millennial

I'm Tajana, a restless 25 year old who can never have too many stamps on her passport, books, scented candles or tea blends. I have an MA in Cultural Studies and I'm currently employed as a copywriter in the field of cultural tourism in a small start-up in my hometown. I come from a small Croatian city Osijek, situated in Eastern Croatia, where I have lived my entire life, my few semesters abroad excluded. My love for roaming around the globe has been instilled in me by my parents, however, I have become more courageous and independent in my travels after I became a member of Erasmus Student Network, a European youth volunteer organisation. "Mobility is a lifestyle" is one of the many principles of the organisation, one I take by heart. I'm a passionate wanderluster - I enjoy finding myself in unknown cities and aimlessly wandering down its streets, as well as ending up in places I've never heard of before. However, simply because organised travel isn't my cup of tea doesn't necessarily mean you won't see me in some pretty basic travel situations. When I'm not in the air mode, I like to write about my experiences, read and watch TV shows. My vocabulary is a mix of sarcasm and pop culture references.