I'm Tajana, a 25 year old millennial with an expected Peter Pan syndrome. I crave cheese 24/7, I am convinced coffee has replaced around 37,8% of water in my body, it's hard to find a TV show I CAN'T quote and I always carry a book around with me. I am also a passionate traveller and volunteer.

I am a wacky social media enthusiast who has a real nerve-racking itch for the written word, with experience in social media management, content creation and digital marketing.

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Fly away with me!

There are no better tourism ambassadors than millennials - we have transformed the face of the travel industry. There's no colourful street we won't snap a pic of, no quaint back-alley restaurant we won't wait in line for, and no local event we won't cover live on our social media channels - and we will do all of this while on the move! We are every destination's free promotional campaign.

I am your typical restless Millennial - my home is 35 000 feet up in the air. As an avid traveller with a kink for writing, I will cover all travel topics relevant for Gen Y and Z members.